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Use this space to report a problem with the local area, and we will do our best to help you sort this out.

2 thoughts on “Report a Problem

  1. Steve Adams says:

    Hi my name is Steve Adams and I live in Wren Gardens problem is the street lighting overnight. It seems very random rather than safe. Our end of the close is in complete darkness when the lights go off which is not only an opportunity for thieves but also dangerous for anyone coming home late or leaving for work early. The one light that is on further down the road does not work properly. I hope you can give this your attention,thank you

    • Dave Tooke says:

      Steve, this is a point that has been raised a few times. The Conservative County Council has cut street lighting in many residential streets, claiming a saving of £300,000 pa. They have said that they have done this only in low risk areas, where their is no increased risk of accidents or crime – I am not sure what statistics they are gathering to support this, and if elected will make it my business to check on this.

      A part of their reasoning is that they have suffered a cut in the grant from central Government, indeed Dorset will shortly be paying some £10 million TO the Treasury. The County Council went through a process that led to them agreeing the Treasury deal, rather than fighting it.

      As far as faulty street lights are concerned the light in question should have an ID code on it, and you can report the fault by following the link at:

      Or if you let me know the code on the faulty lamp I’ll report it your behalf – the code will be a number 1 – 9 followed by W289 – 1 is at the birchwood drive end and 9 the far end.

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